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To honor the hard work that our farmers and producers put forth to offer high quality products to our community, we mainitain a standardized vendor approval process.


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Review our Rules and Regulations and understand what it means to be a vendor a the New Melle Country Market - A Producer Only Market


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Rules and Regulations

In Summation:


The New Melle Country Market finds itself transitioning in 2023 into a producer only market. This means that only  vendors selling raw agricultural products, non-agricultural products, and animal products (refer to Section 1 for description) will be approved for market vending.

  • The exclusive or majority reselling of items is prohibited.
  • On site visits- Managers and staff have the right to visit sites of production of vendors. Site visits are to ensure the quality, origin and safety of items sold at Market.
  • Vendors are guaranteed a parking spot at the market. Canopies may not be larger than 10×10.
  • Single spaces only. Double spaces are not permitted.
  • Only 4 trailer spaces available. First come first serve basis.
  • $450 for Full Season + $50 (if needed) for full season electric
  • $30 for daily market +$10 (if needed) for daily electric
  • Maximum of 20 Full Season spots. 10 spots are reserved for daily vendors to maintain variety

Section 1. What can be sold

  • Raw Agricultural Products-includes vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, grains, herbs, flowers, potted plants which must be grown by vendor, garden equipment such as: worm castings and organic soil amendments. Resale of agricultural products is subject to review by the Board of Directors and does not get priority.
  • Non-Agricultural Products-items handmade by vendor such as baked goods, preserved items (ferments, jams, jellies, dehydrated foods), pottery, soaps, candles, cosmetics, woodcrafts, leather crafts and other crafts.
  • Animal Products-meat, eggs, poultry, cheese farm raised fish, honey and other animal products. Perishables must be refrigerated or frozen at all times. Animal products must come from the vendor’s custody at time of slaughter and be processed in clean and sanitary conditions. Sale of live animals and bringing animals to the market will be approved or denied at the discretion of the Market Managers
  • Certification or not is the vendor responsibility and liability. Sale of spoiled or unwholesome products or any item deemed to be a risk to public health and well-being is strictly prohibited.

Section 2. Vendor Guidelines

Vendor Application-Vendors must approve Rules & Regulations, complete vendor application to be considered for a spot at market. 

  • Self-Produced Products-products sold at the market must be made, crafted and/or raised by the vendor themselves. 
  • Resale and sale of multi-level marketing products is prohibited at the New Melle Country Market. 
  • Vendor Refusal and Cancellation-The Managers of New Melle Country Market have the right to approve or reject applicants and discontinue member privileges who do not align with the image, mission, vision and aims of the New Melle Country Market. 
  • On site visits- Managers and staff have the right to visit sites of production of vendors. Site visits are to ensure the quality, origin and safety of items sold at Market. 
  • Upon request for appointment, the vendor must make all production areas available within 3 days. Refusal to allow visit is grounds for indefinite suspension and vendor fees will not be refunded.
  • Pricing/Taxes
  • Vendors shall set their own prices. 
  • Price undercutting is not permitted.
  • Prices shall be clearly displayed in legible print.
  • Vendors are responsible for paying State and Local taxes. 
  • Product Safety and Liability
  • The New Melle Country Market & staff are not responsible for theft or damage of property/equipment on market premises. Vendors agree to “hold harmless” the market, its managers, the customers, and other vendors, and the assets of all these mentioned, for any & all claims of damage incurred to vendor property. 
  • Pets or animals are not allowed while vending.
  • Grievances 
  • Any grievances with a vendor, customer or staff member shall be brought to the Market Managers, who hold final authority. 
  • Complaints made in regards to another vendor shall be written and brought to the Manager. Complaints made will be kept anonymous. 
  • Booth Requirements
  • Tents and canopies may be not larger than 10’x10’. Each tent is required to  be held down with heavy, appropriate weight on all four legs. 
  • Products will be displayed on a clean table in an attractive and orderly manner.
    • Appropriate signage to advertise business is  required 
    • Tablecloths, painted or stained tables are highly recommended.
  • Vendors are guaranteed a parking space in which they have the ability to work out of, which they must pull into, nose to curb. 



  • Vendor booths are to be kept clean, free of trash and debris for the duration and conclusion of the Market. A receptacle must be kept nearby if needed. Waste generated by the vendor is to be completely removed by the vendor.
  • Vendors will keep their booth in their assigned spot, any tables, tents, chairs or other items that are not within the boundaries of the assigned spot are not permitted, unless otherwise approved by the Market Manager. 
  • Unpaid or unplanned use of electricity is not allowed unless approved by the Market Manager. 
  • Market Set Up and Tear Down
  • All vendors must arrive by 7:30 and ready to sell by 7:45AM.
  • Once the market starts, vendors must stay for the entire market. 
  • Vendors may not begin breaking down until the market is over at noon.
  • Vendors may protect items in event of rain, but may not break down or vacate premises. 
  • Possible Late Fee: Vendors will communicate as soon as possible with either an absence or late arrival. If you do not communicate an absence (unless it is an emergency) you will not be refunded for your space
  • Telephone office line at (636) 466-8762 by 6 PM Friday Evening. This is a 24 hour hot-line especially for vendor messages. A late fee of $25 is applied without the presence of extraordinary circumstances. Vendors will not be approved for any future markets if they have not paid the late fee. A $50 fee will be charged for no communication and no show vendors; vendors will also be waitlisted until this fee is paid, and will not be placed on the market map. If a vendor spontaneously arrives without paying their $50 no show fee, they must pay the fee prior to booth setup. 
  • Miscellaneous
  • Vendors and their employees must, at all times, conduct themselves in a pleasant, courteous and respectful manner and must avoid unduly loud or vulgar language, drinking alcohol, being intoxicated or engaging in any behavior that is argumentative or belligerent. Competitive behavior is not wanted. 
  • Vendors are responsible for transporting and displaying food with adequate protection against contamination. All trucks, equipment and displays must be kept clean. 
  • Vehicles may not be running during market hours. 
  • No smoking is allowed in the market area. Smoking is to occur at least 50 feet from market tents.
  • The New Melle Country Market will not discriminate against anyone because of race, color, creed, national origin, sex, age, disability, or sexual orientation.
  • Full season vendor spaces are limited
  • Communication of cancellation or of ceasing to be a vendor is required for a refund to be considered. It is up to the discretion of the market managers to determine the eligibility, and the amount of the refund. In most cases, a refund, even if partial, will be given.
  • The New Melle Country Market & staff are not responsible for theft or damage of property/equipment on market premises. Vendors agree to “hold harmless” the market, its managers, the customers, and other vendors, and the assets of all these mentioned, for any & all claims of damage incurred to vendor property. 

Pricing Options

  • Full Season Vendor (21 out of 26 market commitment)
  • $450 for full season
  • $50 for full season electric-requirements must be specified and approved
  • Double spaces are not available
  • Daily Vendor
  • $30 per market day
  • $10 for electric-requirements must be specified and approved
  • Pay for space on Friday before Market
  • Double spaces are not available


 The New Melle Country Market is open every Saturday rain or shine, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm, beginning May 6th, 2023 and ending Oct 28th, 2023. The Market will be held in the parking lot designated by Friedens Peace UCC at 3560 Mill St, New Melle, MO 63365

2023 Market Map

Tent spaces are represented by green and pink squares. Each tent space includes a parking space directly behind. There are a total of 30 available spaces that include the  4 trailer spaces adjacent to Hwy F.  Our location has bathrooms, electricity (with additional fee), and water available to vendors.

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