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Low Vendor Cost

We are the cheapest well organized farmer's market you will find.

Local Products

Trust that what you buy was grown or made not far down the road.

People Focused

We know the most important thing we can do is build community.

Forget Lowes and Home Depot, get your garden plants with us!


The 2022 Season Starts in:

We can’t wait for the 2022 Farmer’s Market Season! We will have events every month, and good music playing while you stroll around the marketplace.We can’t wait to see you Mother’s Day Weekend!What says gratitude more than a local product made with intention and care? I think Mom would pick that over China…


26 SSR-D New Melle MO New Melle, MO 63385.


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Our Mission

– Provide a viable means of direct producer to consumer exchange –

Strengthen Local Economy

Where you spend your dollar really matters. By supporting local producers you ensure a financially viable and secure future for our community.

Create access to Nutritious Food

There are countless studies that show that when you eat local fresh food, you will be healthier.
"Let food be thy medicine." ~ Hippocrates

Build Resilient Community

Food brings people together. Recent global events have isolated us, but it is time to turn back to your community, to the people who got your back.

Provide Practical Education

It's easy to get lost in the age of information. We are committed to preserving down to earth practical skills, and their holistic benefit for communities.

Regenerate Natural Systems

Shopping local reduces transportation, pollution and negative environmental impacts.It's not about being new age, it's about taking care of your home.

Innovate For Children

What will you hand down to the next generation? To guarantee their happy future, we always try to think in terms of seven generations.

Join Your Community Food Chain

Our market is ran entirely by volunteers. If you have been waiting to be apart of something bigger than your self, look no further. Choose from a list of our volunteer positions, or define your own role. There is no better time to become a part of your community food chain.

Our Vendors

Connor's Farm
Circle 6 Acres
The Chocolate rooster
Modakr Farms
Lucky v Pecans
Three thorns kitchen

Leslie Limberg -

"As we speak, our comfort of lifestyle, the sustainability of our food, vegetable gardens & water, the dependency on consumer goods & climate, all appear to be repeatedly in question. Our community security needs more attention. We invite local residents to partner, helping maintain necessities that propel our health, comfort & happiness. The New Melle Country Market is a start."

Wyatt Gober -

"Our social, economic, and natural systems are struggling to survive. They suffer because they receive the tail end of our attention. In our busy technology filled lives, we can not forget the value of community. The feeling of trust in your neighbor, and your world, still exists. The New Melle Country Market is proof of this."